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Notes on Membership

Membership in VCMS is open to persons currently involved in mathematics leadership and/or supervision. Membership is automatically provided to all such individuals when attending a VCMS meeting. Individuals who are not able to attend a meeting may apply for an annual membership for the cost equivalent to a VCMS meeting. Email us for more information. 

You must be a current member to access the resources listed on this page.

Check out the resources available on the NCSM website as well!

VCMS Meeting Resources

Access resources from our past VCMS meetings here.

VCMS Forum

The VCMS forum provides an avenue where members can network with each other. 

Before posting any resources, please make sure you adhere to appropriate copywrite considerations.

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VCMS Member Directory

To allow for a strong network of mathematics leaders, VCMS provides a member directory

Note that this directory is provided only to members of VCMS and is not open to the public, vendors, etc.

You are encouraged to update your information and provide a picture in your account information.

To control the amount of information shown in the member directory, access your account profile.

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